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How to revert back to default themes?

  1. Hi expert WordPress(ers) ...

    i upgraded and proceeded to delete, cut and paste CSS codes for a 'look & feel' i want, but, i think i have messed up big time! Things look pretty weird and i can't seem to fix the problems.

    i tried going back to WordPress default themes, one at a time, to start over but things still look weird.

    What could i be doing wrong? Please help. Many thanks in advance.

  2. did you remove your previous css edits? in the css editor, select all and delete, then save it. it should revert to the default css of whichever theme you use.

  3. !important

    Choose the Add to existing CSS option when you clear your stylesheet.

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    Rhaaaaaa, great ! I had the very same problem and this solved all my problems ! Thank you so much !
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