How to rollover text to display an image elsewhere on the page

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    Hello! I have a predicament that I’m hoping one of you has a solution too. I need to create a page with some linked text that when you rollover the links, a photo relating to that page is displayed. I was able to create this in Javascript but since PHP and Javascript don’t like each other, I can’t integrate that particular piece of code into the site. So… Does anyone know how to do this? Either in CSS or PHP?




    Please provide the complete and clickable URL for the blog in question starting with http:// We cannot see the blog and have no idea whether or not it’s a free hosted blog, not do we know which theme is on the blog.

    Also read this support documentation entry carefully as we cannot even access PHP files, let alone edit them on this multiuser blogging platform for free blogs from and being free hosted by We cannot edite theme or template files. We cannot use Javascript as the software strips it out to preserve security.

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