How to save and apply the changes made in CSS

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    I upgraded my plan to premium to be able to make some CSS changes (i want the scroll button text called “Older Posts” to be changed)

    I go to CSS customization by using inspect element and change it to “Later Dates” (which I want) – however it shows it in the window on the side, but does not show up in the website finally… the changes i make are not getting saved as the “save” button for CSS customization never gets activated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi prernakumar

    I have added the modlook tag to this thread to ask a Happiness Engineer to have a look at your account as it is marked private.

    The browser inspector is not the place to add custom CSS. Just to be sure you are adding your custom CSS in correct place:

    Select Appearance > Customize > CSS from your Admin Dashboard and enter the custom CSS there.



    thanks – yes i got to cutomize and then click CSS and then work there.

    btw i am on and not org and prefer to keep it that way pls and want flexibility there. I paid 100$ to do only this change :(



    You are in the right place. These are the help forums for

    Please be patient and a Happiness Engineer will respond and figure out why your CSS is not saving.


    @prernakumar, sorry for the problems. Can you post the CSS you tried to add to your site here, if you have a copy of it and let me check your site? Add the code here between code tags (using the button above the reply box). like this.
    <code>all your CSS here</code>



    Just wanted to “change the text” on the button at the bottom. Unable to find out how.


    @prernakumar, due to the way the button is designed, we cannot change the wording in that button. In some themes, it is possible, but not in Sela. Sorry I don’t have a trick up my sleeve for you. :(



    oh I spent $100 reading that with CSS I can customize my site any way I want. and basic change in a button name was the easiest thing that I wanted. Looks like my $100 has gone waste. Is there any way I can unsubscribe and get the money back?

    Also – it may help if you can highlight there that not all changes can be made purchasing CSS editing rights, as there may be others who may spend the money.

    Can you help me with the templates where we can make these changes?



    i tried to eliminate that button completely by choosing infinite scroll option, unfortunately this theme does not even allow that…

    “We’ve changed this option to a click-to-scroll version for you since you have footer widgets in Appearance → Widgets, or your theme uses click-to-scroll as the default behavior.” is the message

    Its sad that the CSS editing option has no power in, if we are not on org, we can’t do even basic changes.


    The CSS editing function in is extremely powerful, it is unfortunate that what you are wanting to change is not something that can be changed with CSS. The wording is set in the WordPress and theme PHP script files.

    CSS is a styling document used by browsers to position and style the various elements of a web page. The button text is not something that is set in the CSS. It is set in the Theme php script files.

    If you go to Store > My Upgrades in your dashboard, you can Cancel and Refund the Premium Plan upgrade you purchased. It can take up to a week for that refund to show on your statement. Here is a link for you to go directly to My Upgrades in your dashboard: .

    Click on that and you can initiate the refund.

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