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    Please tell me how I search for blog titles using key words? I have tried the tags but got virtually nothing. I know that there are several blogs here about my town, because in the past I was somehow able to find them when I had an old blog. Now it seems I can only search by tags, or go to the recommendations (which are no help). I need to search by key word in blog titles – can I do that, how? If not then why? I’ve had a look through similar questions in the forum and it seems a lot of people need a better search option than tags only. Unless bloggers add tags every time then their posts can’t be found, plus tag search only seems to find recent posts anyway. It’s very frustrating.

    Please tell me if tags search is the only option? Thanks.



    By default, the search at indexes only the post content. Hence you might not have found the relevant one’s.

    Try searching the blog content using the key words from here May be that will help you get some thing relevant.

    You may also want to search google with the site tag: (eg:– + keywords) , with your keywords to find relevant content from sites.

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