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How to see comments on an ipad?

  1. allexanderalliance

    a user complained she can't see comments on an ipad. any ideas what the problem is or what I need to do?
    Blog url:

  2. I am on an ipad. In order to see the " leave a reply" option you must view the whole post by clicking on the title of the individual post or the Weiterlesen link. I looked back at the complete posts, I did see a comment on an earlier post. Perhaps your reader is not looking at the complete post. Give me the date of the most recent post that has a reply and I will check to see if it appears on my ipad in full post view.

  3. allexanderalliance

    Thanks for checking. Last comment was on september 18 th.

  4. Yes, on my ipad I see two comments when I go from the post title link to the full post at

    On the main page the post excerpt is shown but the little balloon shows the number 2 for that post. When I click the ballon with the numbers, I go to this link ">

    Which takes you right down to the comments part of that full entry.

    Is it possible that your reader expected to see the full post and comments on your main page and simply did not take the link to the full entry?

  5. allexanderalliance

    Thank you. I forwarded your instructions. Works.

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