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How to see the total number of visits??

  1. Just like the blog stats we have can we have a counter for the total number of visits too?? Please some from authority reply.

  2. If you want someone from authority to reply raise a feedback item through your dashboard. Much more reliable than posting a note in the forum.

  3. Please some from authority reply.

    This is actually covered in the FAQ with the solution of adding in a sitecounter. You can also go back through the stats if you want.

    Oh, and thanks for insulting me and the rest of the volenteers here.

  4. My Dashboard > Dashboard > Blog Status

  5. you can also use the blog stats widget which shows your blog's total hits in the sidebar.

  6. the 1st post is from april eheheheh
    guess (hope) it knows the answer by now ;)

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