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How to see the visitors of your blog?

  1. How can I see the people who visited my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. somethingforme

    You may be able to apply for Google's Webmaster tools. They have awesome analytics for all kinds of great stuff - As for going through WordPress to actually identify which visitors are located where, that I don't thingkyou can do. I would definitely give Google's Webmaster tools a try!

    Hope that helps a little...


  3. Google Analytics cannot be used here.

  4. somethingforme

    Ahhh - sorry about that! Thought it was worth a shot. Appreciate that man...


  5. couple of weeks back timethief posted an excellent article about this. You should check it out at

  6. Thanks to all.

  7. Use statcounter [install the wordpress option; no javascript]. You can also use sitemeter but the former is better.

    Statcounter will tell you about your last 500 hits [IP addresses; page views etc.]

  8. Do note though that IP addresses can only tell you a general vicinity. Mine for example will either show me in Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, WY or Denver, CO - the closest of which is 350 miles from where I am.

  9. Hmm, gone are the days when IP addresses were unique!

  10. Yes indeed.

  11. You could always ask them to meet you for coffee somewhere.

  12. 6 months from now I'll be growing my own coffee.

  13. But if I recall my coffee facts, it'll be five years before you can drink it.

  14. Not if I get a place with mature trees - which is my plan.

  15. Not cheap. If you can afford that, then I guess you can afford to make coffee for all your blog readers. Me, I meet at the pub and only after someone offers to buy my drinks!

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