How to send automated emails to new email subscribers of my blog

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    I wanted to start a weekly featured content event in my blog which would be password protected and the password would be given to my email subscribers only. I created a page which holds all other password and sent the page’s password to my email subscribers. But when new people subscribe to my blog, they have to wait till i come online and send them the password. Is there any way to send automated emails with the password to new subscribers or give them the password through the “verification complete” message.
    I am using free version of and i am in no mood to upgrade. I am ready to use third party service provided they are free to use and won’t charge me money ( ever ).

    The blog I need help with is



    Currently your followers will receive an automated notification only when you publish a new post on your site. They may receive that notification in a number of ways and not necessarily by email. It can be in the Reader or via RSS feed, depending on how they subscribed to your site.

    There is no other method for sending an automated message through WordPressdotcom’s system.

    So while you can technically password-protect a single post or page, getting that password out there is a bit of a problem. If you post it on your site, then anyone who visits your site will see the password. You could add a contact form separately so that anyone who wants the password would have to write to you, but, again, this is not automated.

    Perhaps you would consider creating a second, Private site which would allow you much more control over who has access to it. Have a look at this information on creating a membership site You do not need to use a domain/subdomain to do this. It can be done by registering a second site.

    Let us know if you have any other question.

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