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    Hi, i know this is a popular/general question. picked up my other wordpress site quickly ( which is actually mostly down right now :( and am trying to work w/ that. My newest site: isnt getting anything on alexa but is getting hits. Can anyone explain this and is it due to the redirect to the domain from wordpress? what can i do about it?

    Also, on my site (see page: i want to know why my sidebar is moved to the bottom of the page? I actually dont mind it, since if you see this page ( my blog is really smushed and crammed and i would like to get the sidebar our of that page since you cant properly see my blog.

    Please help if you can w/ either question, thanks!



    Sidebar issue:
    Alexa issue:
    If your site used to be a site, then yes, basically you are starting Alexa with a blank page. Not much you can do about that.



    Thank you. Is there any way to add SEO widget to this version of wordpress & will (eventually) alexa pick it up? My site was picked up w/in a day or two of installing the seo widget w/ my other hosting acct.



    I really would not worry about Alexa. Virtually nobody uses it anymore; they use Hitwise and Google. Those are the best judges of SEO.

    You have a static page as the entry point of your livemonk blog. That is going to SLAUGHTER your SEO. Do not do that; have the actual updating blog page as your entry page.



    So are you saying i should remove static page all togeher and leave it default blog page? thanks

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