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How to separate blogs

  1. I have two blogs registered, one is personal and one is a collective (I have posts on my personal one but none so far on the collective one). However I'd like to separate the collective one from my personal account and use a different email address than my personal account. I was going to delete the collective blog and just re-register it under the collective's email address, which I created after registering the blog address. However, I'm afraid that deleting the collective blog altogether will make it so I cannot re-register it ever again at all. I've been messing around with my profile setting and personal settings but it just seems to make it so that when I am logged into the collective blog, I post under my personal blog's username and then vice versa. I just want to clear up any issues so that when the other writers of the collective blog go to post they aren' also logged into my account. Will deleting the collective blog make this so I can't start from scratch and correct any problems? Have I messed this up for good?

    The blog I need help with is


    You're right, deletion is permanent and irreversible. Much easier for you just to log out, then create a new username with a different email. Let's call the new account B. Then you log back out of that and into your first account, call it A, and Invite B to be admin of whichever blog you want OFF your personal username. So B is now admin of the group blog. Then you can delete A as admin there. Now you have two separate accounts for two separate blogs.

  3. Thanks for the help!

    However, I'm having trouble deleting account A as the admin for account B (the group blog). Whenever I try to change the role to something other than admin, I get a message that I "can't edit that user".

  4. That user has to edit themselves, so you have to be signed in as that user and leave the blog. It's under Manage My Blogs.

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