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How to separate professional & personal blogs

  1. Hi!
    I have a professional blog (for my icon painting) but a couple of personal blogs. When I started, I used my personal 'username' rolleramamama but it's not really suiting me and I'd like to change it.
    Thing is, I'd rather separate the two things: can I continue to blog on my work blog without my username showing up
    OR can I have two separate 'identities' if you like?
    I know that wordpress doesn't let us give blog names away to others so I'd rather not go down the route of having two separate log ins, unless I really have to.
    And I'm not blogging anything THAT exciting, it's just I'd like a bit of professional privacy IYSWIM.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. *bump* (and beg)

  3. You need two different identities, each with a different email.

  4. thanks raincoaster :-)

  5. See here for dissociating the username accounts and the blogs >

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