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How to set an OpenID Display name?

  1. Hi -

    When I use my wordpress blog as an OpenID provider to comment on a blog hosted by Blogger, my display name shows up as 'blog'.

    Blogger says they use the DisplayName sent by the OpenID provider, and if the server doesn't send one it derives one from the URL, which is why it comes up with 'blog'. Is there any way for me to set the display name I'd like displayed? Going to only gives me an option to add or delete trusted sites.

    (Incidentally, OpenID only works for me when I use my blog's CNAME, not the address that WordPress says is my OpenID server)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's the contact information link for OpenID

  3. Thanks, but I don't need to contact the OpenID foundation, I need WordPress to correct or extend their OpenID provider implementation :)

  4. IMO communicating with Volunteers in this technical support forum thread is unlikely to lead to that happening. Volunteers do not have any role to play in corporate policy decision making.

  5. My suggestion would be to contact Support and see if they can help you out because as timethief said, there isn't much a forum of volunteers can really do for you.

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