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How to set date/time (previous) when posting

  1. I know you can schedule a post in the future and, you can go back and edit the date/time on an existing post.

    What I am trying to do it have the ability to set the date/time stamp of a post as the post is being made in the first place?


  2. Have you set your timezone correctly on this page? > Settings > General
    After you do that every post you publish will automatically display the correct date and time as per your own time zone.

  3. Also I'd like to bring something important to your attention. Every post you publish has a date stamp in the permalink to the post. I strongly advise that you do not adopt the habit of messing with date stamps once you have set the date and timezone correctly, because doing that creates broken links "404" (page not found). If the posts have been indexed by search engines and visitors use them to locate links to your posts and click them then they will be faced with a "404" (page not found).

  4. Thanks for the info, especially the last bit.

    My timezone is set correctly, what I want to be able to do it "pre date" an entry.


    23May2011 : travel to Bali, etc

    15June2011 : write entry about Bali trip and want to date the entry for 23May2011

    I want to have the postings be when then "item" occurred, not when I managed to get around to posting it.


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