How to Set picture dimensions PERMANENTLY?

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    Hi, I’m wondering if anybody knows a way to set image dimensions permanently.

    For example If I uploaded a 600×600 picture
    I want the wordpress image uploaderthingy to automatically set it to 300X300 (or to any image dimension I had specified) without having to type it in every time.

    Thank you very much


    Not in wordpress. If you type “image resizer” into Google, there are programs that you can set up to automatically resize your images prior to you uploading them.



    aww thanks.. If anyone on the development team reads this, Please make an option that lets people do this..


    You’re welcome.

    One thing to remember is that when an image is resized by simply adjusting the physical size, quality will suffer where as with a program on your computer, it will use special algorithms to resample the image so that it maintains as much of the quality, clarity and sharpness of the original as is possible.



    Just my two pennies here, but time and again has shown that it really doesn’t want to get into the finer points of graphics or formatting. I believe this to be a deliberate choice, an unstated policy, because it’s so much easier to offer free text blogging and basic image stuff than it is to get fancy with it and still offer it for free. So I wouldn’t expect that this will become an option until hosting and serving up pictures is so cheap as to be inconsequential.

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