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    I would like to set up an FAQ page. Can I set up the questions at the top of the page – click on a question and automaticaly link to the answer further down the page? How?



    actually I was kind of interested in something like that also, where you click on a link and it automatically takes you down the page. Im not sure that can be done on wordpress.


    Probably one of the most obscure WordPress.COM FAQs out there. It’s called an “anchor” link.


    So let me contribute my version, hoping it’s clearer.

    <a href="#AnchorName">VisibleTextLeadingToTarget</a>
    Visible target (= line of text):
    <a name="AnchorName">VisibleTargetText</a>
    Invisible target (= blank line before line of text):
    <a name="AnchorName"></a>

    The two visible texts can be identical or not. The anchor name shows in the address bar of the browser. You can use any name, provided you use the same one for the link and its target, and a different one for another link & target pair.

    For intance, in the beginning you can have:

    <a href="#Q1">Question 1</a>
    <a href="#Q2">Question 2</a>

    and then:

    <a name="Q1"></a>
    before Answer 1
    <a name="Q2"></a>
    before Answer 2




    cool thanks,


    That was fast. Very impressive. Many thanks

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