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How to share positivity?

  1. paradoxicalwisdom

    I write to share my positive lessons. But how do I share with many more? How do I get people to read my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You're a more than competent writer, proficient enough to keep people engaged. Though I wouldn't bludgeon people with the concept of 'love' and 'happiness' being vital to one's well-being; there is more than a sufficient number of these sorts of self-promoters who desire profit through these means - best not to associate oneself with a league of profiteering fools. One does not say to himself in his despair that 'tomorrow will be better'. We are too occupied in relieving our misery in the moment to care much for tomorrow; that is, we do not count our chickens before our eggs. Permit me the capacity to escape my desperation today, and I will tell you of the joy tomorrow.

    Of acquiring more readers, I have no advice. Everyone lives in a sort of quiet desperation, as said pointedly though eloquently by Henry Thoreau, whose writings you remind me of. To garner attention is difficult in the drudgery of self-promoters all seeking a similar fate. To acquire this attention by merit is even more difficult. The whole mass of history is littered with people whose memories are extinguished, perhaps permanently, all having dreamed of fame.

    Nevertheless, I wish you luck in your endeavors, as I wish myself luck in this same enterprise.

  3. paradoxicalwisdom

    Marcus, I thank you for your kinds words and opinion. I take it to heart. I do see your point. But I am a believer that the most ordinary of men do the most extraordinary of things. All those who have achieved small and great things in life did move ahead with the will to make their tomorrow better. I do not claim it is easy or it is a must. But I sure do believe and propose trying to do the extraordinary even if you are ordinary

    Aagain I draw this from the fact that majority of those who did the greatest things, did it against the hardest of oppositions, limitations, redicule, critique and obstacles. And before they accomplished what they achieved were cosidered to be fools, ordinary or worse. But they proved there metel with their will, and deed.

    Further, i do not seek readers to self propogate or for fame. I seek to share what I have leared from my expereince in a sincere effort to help others if it may. I ask of nothing but a little wisdom that others care to share.

    I sincerely wish you the very best. And cant thank you enough for making my day by responsing to my post. It is a very pleasant feeling when someone stops to read what you had to say and cares to respond in this clutter and frenzy of the web.


  4. habituatedbuddhist

    @marcusjulius Wow dude... While I agree with the idea that focusing on love and happiness is a mistake, I found your comment to merely wallow in the desperation ("Everyone lives in a sort of quiet desperation" which you unfortunately misquote, Should be "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”)

    I apologize if I sound overly critical, I do not mean to.

  5. The quote was merely adapted - it was not meant to be exact, as your quote is also inaccurate. The great writers of the past rarely quoted their idols exactly, Thoreau included. Being inexact makes it more personal.

    To be a bit critical, I find your screen name (habituatedbuddhist) a little ironic - the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism are concerned chiefly with suffering.

  6. habituatedbuddhist

    By making it "more personal" you changed the meaning, thus should not be attributed to the original author... (I found the quote worded two ways , and chose this wording... I assume you prefer the "mass of men" wording)

    as to my name, no irony... I am a Buddhist who is addressing his own habituation (i.e. suffering) as all Buddhists are...

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