How to shift down an image inside a image box

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    I’m using an Autofocus theme and what I m trying to do is shifting for each preview the image down of 200 pixels (to recenter the image content in other words). The image extracts which are located on the home page all appear from the top (upper part of the image). I need the command line that would allow me to shift the images inside the preview towards the bottom to display the right image content that is the center part of the image)
    Many thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi everybody….
    no one has any idea ???????
    Maybe it’s not so clear!



    #content a {

    it works but i need to shift the banner title too….
    Not so good….


    The AutoFocus theme chooses how to crop the images automatically, and there is not a way to change that on using CSS only. Sorry about that!!

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