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How to show a google map on sidebar

  1. How do I post a googlemap on the sidebar?

    Am trying to move my blogger blog to wordpress, have the main blog transferred, but am having difficulty with the sidebar.

    Any and all help appreciated.

  2. Okay, after further reading, I see its not possible.
    Bummer, no transfer for me, I guess.

    I'll try a pay service


  3. No, you can just make a jpeg of it and upload that.

  4. You can adapt my tutorial to work with the sidebar:

  5. How did this person put the maps up?

  6. blackheathbugle

    Yes, that site has dynamic google maps on a blog! I want some too!

  7. To find out you should leave a comment and ask, I think.

  8. blackheathbugle

    I have! Here's hoping for a reply...

  9. We now allow Google Maps on To place them in a post or page, simply copy and paste the EMBED code (given to you by Google Maps) into your visual editor.

    WordPress will convert the code to a standard shortcode, and your map will display.

    I will post a FAQ article on this shortly.

  10. That's great!

  11. Why didn't you tell us immediately on the official blog? That's friggin great!

  12. @ delta: because that would be contrary to the corporate culture. Usually the first place you learn about new features is in the forum, reading threads of people who liked it the OLD way.

  13. But the original question remains unanswered: is there any way to put the map in the sidebar?

  14. Give it a shot? I can't even GO to Google Maps on this machine if I don't want to freeze the browser for twenty minutes. I'm not looking forward to opening blogs and having my machine hang. Grrr.

  15. raincoaster,
    The few blogs I've seen using the maps have been on separate pages. Perhaps it won't work to put them in separate posts, much less in sidebars??? I have not had time to investigate....

  16. blackheathbugle

    Bubel's advice worked like a charm! I am now the proud owner of a lovely google map on my front page! Haven't tried it in the sidebar yet, but will let you know...

    It beats the hell out of Platial...

  17. blackheathbugle

    Sidebar didn't work. But you can't have everything... Especially when it's free!

  18. First Google Gears and now Google Maps? What a nice wake up surprise!

    About the sidebar, I'm thinking do the jpg thing in a text widget and link it to a child page if you don't want the page heading to appear on your blog. Thoughts?

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