How to show a list of posts under a category

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    I found some discussion about this on other forum posts, but I don’t think I understood what exactly was happening: could someone help out please?

    What I want is this: when someone clicks on the categories, they should see a list of post headings, and perhaps a summary. What it is doing now is showing entire posts immediately, making it tough to see everything, especially older posts.

    I’d be grateful if someone can help on this!

    my blog:

    The blog I need help with is



    The themes here are not “cookie cutter” themes and they do not all display dull posts on archives and categories pages. If the theme you chose not not display what you want then you will have to try another one that does.

    In the majority of themes, posts in category or monthly archive pages show up just as they do in the main posts page. But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails. See here for theme list >


    AH I see, so literally can’t be done? :(

    Should’ve checked before I moved!

    Okay then, I’ll go switch to another one. Thanks a lot. :)


    Some themes here will only show the post title when you go to a category view. Look at the link Timethief references and it tells which themes show what in archive and category views.

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