How to show about page on a post page?

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    I see several blogs show their about page on their post page?
    how to do that?
    shall i purchase the css editor?



    Could you give an example? I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you have an About page, just put the Pages widget in your sidebar and the link will show up.



    If you mean the “About” in the navigation bar at the top of the blog, simply write an About page and publish it and the tab will appear, but I guess you already know that, so if it’s not that, do as raincoaster said, and provide an example.


    He has an about page, and called it “profile” (at least the permalink says, /about/.



    no, i am not talking about tab at navigation bar.
    may be It’s kind of widget showing my “about” or “other page” on my post page. How to do that? what widget relate to it?



    thanks for that.. i’ll clarify my question:
    How to display the content of my “About Page” on the the post page.

    Here’s one of the examples. i took it randomly on search

    On the front page, that page shows not just the posts but also the static one. The same content like in tab navigation.

    is it just a text widget?


    That is a feature of that theme, and it pulls the information from an “about” page.

    You can do something similar by putting the information about you into a text widget and placing it at the top of your sidebar.



    i see, thanks again.
    so it really depends on the theme.
    i think this case is closed.


    Yes, it depends on the them, and the only ones I know of that have such a thing are Andreas04 and Hemmingway.


    “them” of course should be “theme.”

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