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How to show author name (Pilcrow)?

  1. technologyofcopyright


    I am using Pilcrow theme with Custom CSS and trying to figure out how to get author names to appear in posts. I found another forum entry which suggested adding this to my custom CSS:

    .byline {

    However, I added this to the end of my custom CSS and nothing different happens. Is there something else I have to do to get the author names to display properly?

    Thanks very much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Was that solution specifically for Pilcrow?

  3. Answered here:

    Please don't post the same question twice.

  4. And actually you were answered in the other thread you started on this:

  5. G'day Panos, I should have refreshed.

  6. ~~~Rich

    Themes that display the author byline listed here:

  7. ...and I knew that, but still haven't had my coffee yet.

    Must. Make. Coffee.

  8. @Rich: drink to your heart's delight, but the link was meant for the OP, not you!

  9. Yes, but I should have remembered it.

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