How to show blog posts without the titles?

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m a newbie at this and I hope I can get some help! I looked in the wordpress support and haven’t found exactly what I’m trying to do. I need my blog to be short and sweet, just a list of posts that displays only 2-3 lines of each post but WITHOUT the titles. If the reader wants more details, they click on it to view the whole post.

    The best example I could find is and to a lesser extent . In the support section, the closest tools I could find were More Tag and Excerpts, but how can I get it closer to the above sites?

    The blog I need help with is


    I would probably suggest the P2 theme which was inspired by twitter. You can either do full posts (with titles) or you can do “status updates” which do not have titles. People would click on the “permalink” to get to the full post. I’m not sure if you can use the more tag in status updates.

    The other possibility is to use the twenty ten theme and then select an “aside” category and assign all your posts to that category. Asides do not show the title of the post when published, but they do support all the normal post functions.

    Coraline, Under the Influence and Motion also support asides.


    Oh, and here is a link to a search that brings up the themes that support asides.



    awesome that’s really useful info!!! i’ve just checked out the coraline and motion themes and that p2 theme sounds like it’s right on point with what i’m picturing. and i’m glad i now know the official terminology…”asides”

    i appreciate your help. i doubt i have any blogging knowledge to offer you in return but if i get any in the future let me know!


    @quippies, thanks and you are welcome.



    2 Points!
    1 –for doing your homework –Search, BEFORE posting
    1 –for coming back to Thank the person who helped you
    Excellent, for a newbie –or an oldie who should know better,
    but often don’t use manners.

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