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    Is it possible to show comments on the site without the reader having to click on “comments”? thanks!




    No I’m sorry but the way your comments are displaying now i.e. at the end of each post and with links to the most recent comments in the sidebar is the only way they can be displayed.



    help..i can’t seem to reply to comments.may i know why?and how do you reply to a comment?



    Just leave a comment of your own at the end of the comments. If I have more than one comment and I want to reply to a specific person, I specify their name, sometimes in bold.



    thanks– so there’s NO way to do it! (Ie show the comments after a post?) not that i could — but would it be possible by “editing” the template or something?— err– ok, I should have said– by editing my CSS ?



    You can’t edit the template at; templates here are held in common, so if one person edited it, it would change things for everyone. It might also interfere with the readability of your blog, if you get a lot of comments. I find that fewer than 1% of my readers comment, so those who are interested in the comments are a much smaller number than those who are interested in the blog posts.



    @ sopheetsa
    I have just left a test comment on your most recent blog post to establish whether or not it’s working correctly.



    hi timethief:
    thanks- sorry- i misspoke–but you got my meaning first time– i wanted to have the comments show immediately after the post…and not have to click on them to see them…

    raincoaster– sorry I knew I shouldn’t have said “edit the template”… I wasn’t sure if maybe you could edit SOMETHING which would have the flexibility of showing the comments right after the post.

    In other blogs I have seen it done… but so far, not in wordpress…



    I havent come across anyway to list the comments at the bottom of posts, but if you go to Dashboard- Presentation- Sidebar Widgets- and then use the recent comments option, you can show your recent comments of the side bar of your blog.
    Hope that helps


    Also, with most of the templates that I have used… Im not sure about all of them. But usually when someone decides to view one of your posts, and they click on the title of it, it links them to a seperate page just for that post. And at the bottom of the page usually lays out the comments underneath the initial post.



    As chelsea has explained when clicking on a title or on the word “comments” readers will experience the blog post opening a separate page followed by the comments.
    Many blogs get hundreds of visitors and many comments every day. If a blog were not designed this way so that the comments are not shown unless the reader clicks on the title or the word “comments” then our front pages would be miles long, they would take ages to load and our readers would not scroll down to read the entries on them.It’s also worth mentioning that a front page that’s long and full of images will take ages to load for readers on dial-up service.
    Provided their blog entries do not have large images (like you do on your blog sopheetsa) most bloggers set the number of blog posts on their front page at about seven entries. And if they do have large images then they set them at a lower number of entries, sometimes even at only one entry. This is done for the same reason. Long pages take ages to load and readers will not wait for them to load. If they do wait they will not scroll down for miles to read the entries.
    Setting the number of blog post entries on your front page is done here -> Dashboard -> Options -> Reading Options (scroll down and insert the number in the ___)
    Blog Pages
    Show at most:___posts
    Then click “update options”. :)

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