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    I am new to WordPress. This is in reference to How do I display the full blog posts when I click on the months in the archive? Currently, when I click on the month, it just shows a line or two from each blog post instead of the full posts. I am using the Greyzed theme.


    The blog I need help with is


    What shows on the category, tag and archive pages varies from theme to theme. It was the theme designer’s decision. There is I think only one theme here that has a setting, but I can’t remember which theme that is.

    In Greyzed though, you can use the excerpt feature as described in this post by Panos to show the entire post .


    @rich (“There is I think only one theme here that has a setting”): see the mark “optionally” in the first post you linked to.


    Panos, thanks.



    Thank you so much. I am a bit slow with all of this but I finally figured out the excerpt feature and edited two of the October blogs. Yeah! It now shows all of the text, but it doesn’t display the picture gallery with the blog. Instead it just shows the code “[gallery link="file" columns="2"] ” for example. How do I get the excerpt to show the full blog post with the image gallery too?

    Thanks (and sorry that I am a bit new to all of this).


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    Unfortunately, excerpts won’t display embedded items such as galleries, slideshows, or videos. You’ll have to insert pictures one by one in order for them to appear in excerpts.

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