How to show one image only for the whole gallery?

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    I want to create a gallery with 20 images, but on the page, I want to show only one image with title, when user click on the image, s/he will be brought to the gallery show. Does wordpress has that function? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    If your theme supports it, you can use the gallery post format which will show only a single post on the main page and then when that post is clicked, the gallery will show on the single-post page.


    Here is a list of themes that support post formats and which formats they support.


    Reverse list (by post format instead of by theme) here:

    Upload all the images from your computer and click Insert Gallery. Then go to Media > Library, hover over the image you want to display, note its ID number in the status/progress bar of your browser. Back to the post editor, switch to HTML, change the gallery shortcode to this, if you want a thumbnail:
    [gallery include="ID NUMBER HERE"]
    Or to this, if you want a full-width image:
    [gallery columns="1" size="full" include="ID NUMBER HERE"]

    The gallery post format is supported in some themes only, and the result will be one image on the main posts page but all the images when you view the single complete post. The alternative I suggest works in all themes, and it will give you one image in the post on both the main posts page and the single post view.



    Thanks to all for your replies.

    @pana: I uploaded 9 images and clicked Insert Gallery. I also found out their IDs. In my test2 page, I added a gallery and I see 6 thumnails; if I change [gallery] to [gallery include="38"], then only image 38 is shown as thumnail, HOWEVER, when I click on the thumnail, it opens only one image instead of 6 or 9.

    What’s wrong with my procedure? Thanks.




    @thesacredpath: I tested another theme (Chateau) in the link you provided, as you can see from the test2 page, the first one uses code: [gallery include=”38″] it shows only one image
    the second one uses code [gallery], it shows all 6 images but also 6 thumnails – while what I want is ONE image.

    Does anyone have a sample for my requirement:




    In a post on the main page, using the gallery post format, it will show 1 image on the main page. When you click and go to the single-post page it will show the grid of images.

    See “gallery post” on the test demo site here to see how gallery post works on the main blog page. Then click “continue reading on that post and you will see that it shows the grid of image when you go to that page. That is about as close as you can get to what you want at

    You cannot apply “post formats” to pages. Post formats can only be applied to posts.


    Sorry, my suggestion was wrong – don’t know what I was thinking: if you set a gallery that includes one image, then of course you get a gallery slideshow that includes one image…
    Would you be interested in the WP slideshow instead?



    @thesacredpath: thank you, I will try it later
    @pana: slideshow is good, however, there is a non-adjustable border around it, unless it is resolved now.


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    @ltess: thanks, i read hat before, it only allow you to change color, no much helpful


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    Upload all your images
    Insert the full sized image
    Insert code for pagination: <!–nextpage–>
    Insert gallery (exclude the large image if you like)
    View draft of the post and click on page 2
    Copy the link to page 2 (the url http:// )
    Return to draft and edit the large image
    so it links to the url of page 2

    of course readers can also get to page 2 by clicking that rather than clicking the big image, but it might be possible to hide the page number links at the bottom of the post.





    @1tess: nice trick, thank you.

    @pana: I’ll check later, thank you too



    @pana: how to pick a transparent color? what’s its hex code? and how to use it in this particular question? thank you.



    I could see only one image of the gallery by setting post format to Gallery and view all images when on standard. ehh?



    1tess’s trick makes only one image on the page, and lead user to the second page which is the real gallery page, as to how the real gallery page is set up like column, that’s up to the page creator.


    “how to pick a transparent color? what’s its hex code?”

    The whole point of my workaround is that it masks the original grey frame: a transparency would be useless. You make the frame invisible by masking it with the background color of your page – in your case, pure white (#fff).

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