How to show summary of posts in a feed instead of full text

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    There is a page that shows all of the posts in a list, and then you click on a title and it takes you to the full post. Instead of showing a summary of each post in the feed, it is showing the entire post. I have gone to Settings>Reading and checked “summary” under the option “for each article in a feed, show”. But it still shows the entire post.

    How do I fix this problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    That is the setting to RSS Feed summaries only.



    You can truncate your blog entries so that only the first part of certain posts is displayed on the home and archive pages. When you do this, a link will be placed directly after your excerpt, pointing the reader to the full post.



    I see only a summary here


    Is there a way to make it show the summaries on normal feeds as well? Such as on my site if you go to “Camping Help > Camping For Beginners”, the entire post shows but I only want it to be a summary.



    Oh ok thank you!


    I will split my blog entries using the more tag.



    Whether or not full posts are displayed on Categories Pages and Archives pages is theme dependent ie. it’s coded into the template and we cannot edit templates or themes.

    In the majority of themes, posts on category or other archive pages show up just as they do on the main posts page in the blog and the number displayed is also the same. (See this page > Settings > Reading and note how many posts you choose there sets it for all). But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails. See here for a theme list of themes that may display the way you want > Category/archive pages: full posts or not


    Ok thanks a lot

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