How to show summary of posts?

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    I’ve made a page separately for all my posts and I only want to show the summary of each of the post rather than the whole thing. I know I have to go to ‘Settings’ ‘Reading’ click on: ‘For each article in a feed show SUMMARY’. But then it doesn’t solve the problem. What can I do about it?
    My blog is and the page I need help with is here
    and I’m using the theme: Twenty Eleven.
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    The RSS setting here > Settings > Reading creates an excerpt in the feed only, not in the posts themselves. You need to insert “the more tag” into your posts. See here and note that when we insert “the more tag” into a post to split the content and display only an excerpt on the front page of the blog (or the page for posts) that split does not appear in preview mode. It does not appear until we publish.

    Note: There is no one button to click that will create excerpts on the front page of all themes automatically. Some themes are designed to display only excerpts on the front page. There are several but two that come to mind are Inuit Types and Fresh and Clean.



    Hey! thanks for the quick response..
    So is there a way to link a page to my feed? Actually where can I find my feed?


    All WordPress blogs have multiple built-in feeds. There is no set up at all required.
    This is the RSS Feed URL for your posts
    See here too >



    But that link doesnt take me to my feeds… it shows the html of the feed for some reason..

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