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How to show username in metatext to each post?

  1. I just started a blog with a couple of people. In the beginning the username showed up in the meta-text for each post, but then suddenly it dissapeard (we are several admins so maybe someone has changed any settings by misstake)

    How do we set up our account so that each post shows who wrote what (for example, "Hello World, Posted on 20 februari, 2012 by Frida)

    I've looked through all the settings but can't find anything about show username in meta-text.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are some themes who don't show author name on the post. Switch the theme which shows author name after every post. Or maybe you can do it using CSS.(Not sure).

  3. @fridasofia85

    Your theme, Greenery, does not display author bylines. Here is an article about which themes do display authors and how/where they are shown:

  4. Hm... wierd that my own blog shows up when klicking my username, it was this blog I mean:

    I think I choosed it when I wrote this post but something must have went wrong.

    Anyway, the theme Coraline doesn't seem to display author bylines either, thank's for the help!

  5. Yes! I solved it! "In many cases the byline is displayed only when at least two authors have published at least one post each." This is the case with my team Coraline :)

  6. @fridasofia85
    That's right and if you are a single author there's the workaround you can use to have your author byline display.

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