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how to simultaneously insert pictures?

  1. i have a photo blog. and i have like around 60 pictures per post. the uploading is great. but the inserting takes time. im inserting picture one at a time. is there a faster option? inserting all say 60 pictures simultaneously?

    thank you.
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  2. You could use the Gallery option to insert all recently uploaded photos:

    Let us know if we can be of any more help!

  3. Thanks for the response. however, the Gallery option isn't how i want my pictures in my blog to appear. I want the pictures in the normal format. But isnt there like a drag option the same as the uploading process? Is Gallery the only option?

  4. The gallery is the only option to insert simultaneously. Otherwise, you'll have to insert them individually.

  5. Okay. Cool. Thanks! I hope WordPress comes up with a drag&drop option too for inserting soonest. But thank you guys for the replies!

  6. You're welcome!

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