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How to split posts "click to read more" style?

  1. Hi

    I'm using WordPress free blogs, as a change from typepad and I was wondering if I am being incredibly thick here. I can't find an obvious way for a new post to display, say, the first paragraph, then have a "click to read the rest" style link that displays the full post...

    Can I not do this ?


  2. edit your post, click the more tag at one of the buttons in the edit box. it's more to the right side, one of those buttons there. try if you cannot find it as well, there's a page that shows every function for every button in the rich text editor.

  3. Ahaha, so obvious! Many thanks

  4. no problem =)

  5. I have two WordPress blogs. The split post button worked on one, but not the other.

    Any thoughts?


  6. @kbrouwer
    Could we have links to the blogs, or at least know which themes you are using and which the tag is not working on? I don't know if any themes do not support the more tag or not.

  7. Some themes split ALL posts automatically as well. Hemingway is one, I believe.

  8. Sure. My main blog is Split posts does not work on that one. My other blog is and the split posts button does work on that one. I do not post on that blog anymore.

  9. None of the urls contain "www". The correct url for your blog is

    This blog is in The Silver is the New Black theme. I just put that same theme up on my test blog and used icon 13 on the visual rich text editor and inserted a <!--more--> tag with no problem. The tag does not show until the post is published and once it is published the tag works only while the post is on the front page, exactly as would be expected.

    Perhaps these instructions will help:
    Using the "read more tag" to split long posts

    If you follow the instructions and still do not get a "read more" tag in the post on your front page then you may have a technical problem. If this is the case you will need staff help. You can use this link during support hours (9-5 PM on weekdays)

  10. Many thanks timethief. I will try it again.

    I appreciate the time you took to address my problem.

  11. Your appreciation is noted. :)
    You're welcome and best wishes.

  12. Pls i need help. Split post doesn't work on my posts. I've already tried the icon 13 and even the <!--more--> tag. Nothing works. What's wrong with my site? I just recently started my Weblog and here's my URL:
    Can anyone help me with my problem?

  13. That's easy!

    You have only one post displaying on each page of your blog, so that the blog itself is also the post's unique webpage...just set the blog so it displays more than one post on the front page and you should find the MORE breaks showing up.

  14. @rain,

    That isn't the case when i test it on my test blog. The main site is not the same as the single post page, even if there is only one post showing.


    Please give us a link to a specific post where you are using the More tag and it's not working. Also, if you can, please post here a couple of lines (including the line with the More tag) from the code editor of the post, so we can see exactly what you have in there. Post the code between backticks (`).
    Click here to see how to enter the code with backticks if you're not sure

  15. Really? Thanks for checking. In any case, displaying only a single post on the blog AND using the More tag will really annoy readers and kill your hits rather than force more. It is not something I would advise.

  16. Hi! sorry for the late reply. The icon 13 works on my posts. But it doesn't work at all in my About Me page. I don't want my whole content in the About Me page to be shown in the main page. Here's the URL of the specific page i was talking about:
    As you can see, even the <!--more--> tag is visible in my post. I don't know why it showed like i only put one hyphen "-" before and after 'more'. But when i edit it, here's what the whole line is, "Here, I open up my experiences in a Young Married Life. <!--more-->"
    Can anyone explain this to me? Does this doesn't really work on an About Me page? Thanks for the reply.

  17. It won't work on static pages at all, because each static page exists in its own unique webspace at all times. The whole content of About Me will always be shown on the About Me page; it does not get posted to the main blog, though, because it's a static page. It's not connected with the blog posts at all except through navigation links.

  18. Thanks for clearing this to me. I really appreciate it.

  19. No problem.

  20. @pfiel86
    Just thinking that you could make a sub page and on the parent about page, put the text you wanted to be there, and then at the bottom put a link to the second part, which you would put on the sub page.

  21. Will search engine spiders still crawl your blog the same whether you use the "more" splitting or not?

  22. I know that your RSS feed will cut out on the more tag, even if you have your RSS preference set to full text and not summary. But don't know about crawling.

  23. Yeah...I don't mind too much about the RSS thing. It's just that my entries tend to be long and I'd like to have more than 3 on the front page. But I'm worried about those spiders

  24. I use the more tag all the time, and have no problem with my stuff showing up on the search engines. I don't think they pay any attention to the more tag.

  25. ah...nice. thanks, I will now use the more tag.

  26. You're welcome, happy blogging.

  27. @thesacredpath
    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that. :)

  28. You are welcome, and happy blogging.

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