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how to start blogging?

  1. Hi, I just signed up, logged in have cannot find how to get started. I changed my profile but is it. How does this work. I have used blogger and livepage but I cannot find an interface or anything.


  2. A FAQ is always a good place to start. And it's just a click away, up there.

    And this might also be helpful:

  3. When you login, you see a blue bar at the top of the browser window. That blue bar has 3 menu items: My Account, My Dashboard, New Post.

    A 'shorcut' is to click on New Post and you'll be taken to the page where you can start writing whatever you want to.

    The long way is: click on My Dashboard, then you'll see the 'main' menu on the light blue background that reads:

    Dashboard Write Manage Comments Blogroll Presentation Users Options Upgrades

    Click on Write... you can take it from there.


  4. Here's a link to a Beginner's Guide that contains links to all the basic resources including tubetorials on posting, editing, themes and sidebars, etc.

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