How to start CSS customizations in Elegant Grunge?

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    I’m a complete beginner in CSS and I’m looking to do some light cosmetic changes in the Elegant Grunge theme– some color here and there, a few font changes etc. I spent the better part of a day last week reading tutorials and taking notes, so I have a really basic understanding of the jargon and roughly how the pieces of code fit together, I just need some help actually implementing what I read.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    We need to know what you want to change and where you want to add color and such.


    I’m trying to change font colors of the title, tag line and header menu bar. I also would like to move the logo more to the left so it’s centered between the left edge of that bar and the title itself. I got someone to help me with the body color, but I still don’t know how to change it and would like to.



    Blog title and tagline (description):

    #header h1, #header h2 {
    color: #D3D3D3 !important;
    #blog-description {
    color: #D3D3D3 !important;

    The menu text color you seem to have gotten taken care of.

    On the logo, you’ve added that to one of the existing header images and so it cannot be moved without moving the entire header image, which needs to stay where it is to be in alignment with the white area behind the content. You will have to create a new header image and place the logo on it where you want it.

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