How to stay within the guidelines for a recipe blog?

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    Recently started a recipe blog to share family, friends, and recipes I have come across that I thought others might enjoy. While providing a link back to where the recipe came from if not a family member, I have heard that this is a no, no…. and I could be reported.

    How in the world do you share something you find online? I am giving credit to the rightful owner, I am never claiming the recipes to be my creation…. please help me understand this so I know how to continue or to stop my blog. Thank you~!
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    The blog I need help with is


    Calling all Recipe / Food Bloggers – how do you do it? Or am I the only one with this problem?



    While providing a link back to where the recipe came from if not a family member, I have heard that this is a no, no…. and I could be reported.

    Who told you that? While its is true that we cannot simply help ourselves to content under copyright without prior permission from the creator, we can quote from it and link back to it. Copyright applies in cyberspace just as it does offline. We do exactly the same thing in cyberpsace as we do in offline life when are writing and essay ie. we include brief quotes and correctly attribute the creator and the source.



    If you do a short “I found this great cookie recipe” and why you like it – here is the link – not a problem at all – If you lift the entire recipe and paste it into your blog – with or without a link back and credit you will sooner or later have problems and run the risk of your site being suspended for copying others work

    If the other recipe is on a WordPress.COM blog you can use the “Reblog” feature that puts a short excerpt and picture from the other blog and a link back to the original article –


    Hi Timethief –

    I found a wonderful recipe for Turtle Popcorn (Caramel), and I posted it on my site with a link back to where it was from (its creator). She wrote to me and said that I am not allowed to do that, that if it wasn’t removed I would be reported to DCMA, that I cannot copy word for word, but I can write the recipe in my own words, and change things…. well that to me is stupid, how then is it a recipe if I haven’t yet made it with the changes I make to it? I thought my providing a link would credit the author and send more people to her site, because once there they would then look at other recipes.

    Now sure, if I claimed they were mine, and mine alone, but I am not publishing a book, I am posting a recipe found on line and stating where I found it.

    I have found so much pleasure in the recipes that I have posted many collected over the past 40 years, so now I feel as if I have to remove everything from my blog, and just move on to something else. But then it makes me think – what about a recipe someone makes for guests who enjoy it and then ask for it, who then make it for their guest, and it still gets passed around….

    I am confused…… Debbie



    She is correct. Think of it this way. Why the heck would I click into here blog to get the original recipe if it’s already been stolen and posted on your blog?


    auxclass –

    So not the entire recipe, but a short into is ok with a link back, without asking them first? Or do you always have to ask them for permission?

    Thank you!



    Republishing a BRIEF excerpt, correctly identifying the author of it, and providing a link back to the original post is the correct protocol.

    That protocol insures you are not violating copyright law, and encourages any reader who wants to read the full post to click the link and visit the original post on its author’s site.

    Succinctly stated whether or not the author of any original digital work has posted a copyright notice on their site or the work itself is irrelevant. It does not change the fact that they hold the copyright to their works and it cannot be re-published unless or until their permission has been given.

    The only time a complete post can be legally re-published is when prior written permission has been received from the copyright holder. In other words, the same rules that apply to the world of print also apply in cyberspace.


    timethief –

    Got it, thank you, I will read up on all this plus what the owner of the recipe sent me, and be sure to change things.

    Is there a way to place a disclaimer on a recipe say perhaps ” unknown where recipe originated from, shared with me by friend” and that way if it belongs to someone they can let me know and I can then change it?

    auxclass also stated to post a short tidbit of info with a link, not the entire recipe!

    So much to learn….. :-)



    I like the idea of the disclaimer.


    Thank you so much for your help – geeze, what a lot to learn or know when you knew nothing about blogging before – – – however at least I now know and can read the link you sent me and make this disclaimer on all my posts, that way everyone knows that I am more than willing to add a link and edit the recipe if I know where it came from.

    Here I thought this was going to be easy and enjoyable, it is still enjoyable, I don’t wish to make any enemies here, my whole point was to build friendships..

    I appreciate your taking the time to help a newcomer!!!



    Hang in there – it gets better. :)


    I am sure it does, I just didn’t know what to do, or where to turn, when I found this forum I was so excited…. Thanks so very much!



    It’s not all that hard – sometimes a bit frustrating –

    You be welcome & Good luck with your blog

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