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How to stop a deleted blog from showing up under my Reader list.

  1. I started a new blog and then deleted it. However, the blog shows up in my Reader list. There was no option to stop following that blog (probably because it no longer exists). When I click on the URL to the deleted blog, just get an error message. How do I stop the deleted blog from showing up under Reader?

    When I click on the URL to the deleted blog, just get an error message.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Follow up to my original question above:

    The actual URL to the deleted blog is

    I cannot find a way to unsubscribe to it. It keeps showing up in my Reader list.

  3. thebirdingbunch

    Your blog is not deleted, but a page on your blog has been deleted.

    From my experience with the Reader is it doesn't change after a post has been submitted. I've removed tags; edited or deleted posts and they still show up on the Reader as I first published them. Possibly they are cleared out at a later time, but maybe another knows for sure.

    If you wish to stop following your blog, go to this page:!/read/edit/

  4. Thanks thebirdingbunch.

    Your right! It was just a page on my blog that was deleted.

    Maybe another can add more insight or provide instructions to stop it from showing up in my "Reader'.

  5. thebirdingbunch

    Have you checked your Reader today to see if it is still there? I had deleted a post yesterday to test this and it was still on there some time later (several hours, I believe), but I looked for it today and it was gone. Or at least I think so, it was posted a week or more ago and I scrolled and scrolled... but did not find it.

  6. Thanks for the followup.

    The entry is still there. But it has only been 3-4 days. Maybe it will be gone after more time.

  7. thebirdingbunch

    I just tagged this so the staff can see this. They should have an answer to if/when deleted posts will be removed from the Reader. The post I deleted from my blog was text only and even though I scrolled past where it should have been, maybe I missed mine. ? I am going to look again

    Maybe try one more thing, have you deleted your browser's cache? Sometimes this effects what we see online.

    Staff are pretty busy from another post I just read, so it may be a little bit before they get to this. I wish I could help you more.

  8. thebirdingbunch

    I need to clarify...

    When I looked under Followed blogs on the Reader, that deleted post was not there, but under the Topic I follow, that post did remain. I did not start following my own blog on the Reader until after I had written that post, so this is maybe why it did not show on the Followed page.

    Sorry about the confusion.

  9. Thanks again for trying.

    I cleared the browser cache and cleaned everything else I could think of. Unfortunately it didn't make a difference. From other posts, I see this may be a common problem. Hopefully a staff member can help with the desired deletion under "Reader".

  10. What is the exact URL starting with http:// of the blog that you want to be deleted from the Reader?

  11. Actually, I do not want to delete the whole Blog. There is a page that was previously part of my blog that was deleted. That page keeps showing up under Reader even though it has been deleted.
    The URL to the deleted page is

  12. I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  13. Hi there hannagirl,

    I just went to your trashed posts page:

    And permanently deleted the page in question. It was still in your trash. Could you clear your cache again and check to see if it's showing up for you still?


  14. Thanks for trying.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But the deleted page still show up under "Reader" .

  15. Hi hannagirl,

    I'm checking a little more into this - sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!


  16. Hi hannagirl,

    This should be resolved now for you!


  17. Great.
    Thank You.

  18. Happy to help!

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