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How to stop displaying Page Title

  1. On my "Home" page, I want to stop displaying the word "Home" on the first line of the page; can I ?
    For example; I want o display "Welcome to...." as the first line, not:
    Welcome to.....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hellowordsalad


    So you sill want the posts on the first page but you just want it to have "Welcome to"? Unfortunately, that can only be achieved through custom css, which isn't free.

    There is also another option.
    Use a static page that will display Welcome To. But it won't have the blog posts. The blog posts will be on another page.


  3. @hindiakoto: It's possible without the upgrade. See this post of mine, under "Other options, special cases and tricks", #e and #f:

    @gwgreene: Edit the page and turn its title to "Welcome to the". Depending on how you created the "Home" link in the menu, the link will or will not change. If it does, rename it as per #e of my post.

  4. Thanks justpi; as you suggested, I changed the title of the page to "Welcome to the:" and the link in the menu stayed at "Home". Such a simple solution and worked great.

  5. hellowordsalad

    Thanks Justpi. I tried it myself and it worked.

    At least I learnt something from my attempt to help. ;) Thanks!


  6. Thanks to both of you. I'm changing the status of this topic to 'resolved', Gary

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