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How to stop GlotPress?

  1. Hi

    I have just received from you this info:


    We recently discovered a bug in the API used by our open source translation software, GlotPress, that could have potentially exposed user data such as email addresses and encrypted/hashed password strings for accounts belonging to our volunteer translators.

    Based on the analysis of our logs, we don't think this actually happened, but out of an abundance of caution we're proactively disabling the passwords of all affected accounts - one of which is yours! (skribha)

    To reset your password, please click the 'Lost your password?' link on the login page and follow the instructions. (...)'

    I do not want to use this translation software any more. I do not want to have any problems linked with it! How can I remove it from my wordpress, help me please?

    Best regards

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've tagged this for Staff attention on what you need to do to remove yourself from the project. Please be patient for them to reply.

    Meanwhile, you should change your account password if you have not already done so.

  3. Hi there,

    GlotPress is the system that we use for translation on It's not anything linked to your account or software you need to uninstall.

    But if you contributed a translation in the past few months it is possible that some of your data might have been compromised due to a bug in the way connects with GlotPress, as explained in the email. We reset the passwords of everyone who contributed translations during this time as a precaution only.

    The bug that caused the security issue has already been fixed, and future use of GlotPress won't put you at risk. Just update your password using the link in the email we sent you, and everything will be fine :)

  4. Hi

    many thanks for your kind reply.

    I want to remowe the software and its blue round icon have displayed on the bottom right corner of my site when I am in wp/admin option. I do not want to use this software any more. What can I do to remowe them all, please?

    Best regards

  5. Ah, okay. That is not GlotPress, but our Community Translator tool on You can disable that via your account settings:

  6. Hi

    Many thanks for your kind reply. I though that this one was those GlotPress spftware. By the way I have never installed or used this GlotPress so how was it possible to get infected?

    Best regards

  7. If you have ever contributed a translation on you were using GlotPress to do it.

    This isn't an infection - it's not malware or a virus - but we uncovered a vulnerability in how we connect with GlotPress which would allow someone who knows about it to steal your login details. As far as we know, nobody's information was stolen, but the possibility was there so we reset the passwords as a precaution.

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