How to stop images overlaying text in Chrome

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    Hi – I hope everyone has had a happy festive season!

    I’m hoping there is a simple solution for my query, and it may just be my ignorance causing this. If I have 4 or more separate images in a block within a post, the text following those images disappears and seems to be behind the last two images. This only happens when I view a post in Chrome, not in IE and so far not in FireFox. Is there something I can do in formatting to prevent this? If I manually increase the spaces I end up with huge gaps when I view the post in IE or on the mobile site, and if I re-edit the post all that manual formatting disappears.

    I’ve cleared my cache and it has not made any difference.

    As an example please refer to post

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is




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