How to stop spaces when adding new items?

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    I’m making a list in a post, but not using the “List” feature.

    When I went to add some new items, there would be a space between the last list items and the new ones.

    How do you stop that from happening?

    Also, my original list had some elements of all list items in a certain colour. Is there a way to add new items into a list without having to re-do the colour element for every single list item?

    The blog I need help with is


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    The site linked to your username is empty.

    We volunteers cannot access your drafts so in order to help, you need to publish the post you are asking bout.

    Or switch yourself to the text (html) editor, then copy / paste the code here in this forum. Paste, highlight all, then choose the “code” button above the comment box.



    I haven’t posted anything yet. It’s all private so far. You can’t come up with a solution without having to look at anything I make public?

    It doesn’t matter how many items I have in my list, just adding a new one to the end of that list creates something like a paragraph break.


    List item
    List item
    List item
    List item

    List item

    I just want there to be no spaces between the list items. Even if I put the list item between existing list items.

    Is that possible?

    If yes, is there a way of doing that and maintaining any coloured text in the list item?


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