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how to stop unwanted links from appearing on articles

  1. i am getting lots of unwanted links on my paged. I did not add them and tried to remove like it says but some are still on my articles. Thanks
    unwanted links appearing on my articles.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you copying and pasting text from elsewhere into your posts?

  3. yes but they are from my own.

  4. Allow me to be clear about this does not ever embed links into blog posts. So if they are appearing in your posts you are the source of the links - not

  5. Edit the posts and remove the links from them.

  6. yes but they are from my own

    You may also want to read Google's position on copying and pasting duplicate content across domains.

  7. Before you, I had tried to remove them from all links...I did get rid of a lot of them but still have 3

    Theme Vertigo with 3 Widgets

    do I need any Widget?

  8. in my ABOUT they are there also....I did that all my hand no copy and now its there also and can't remove them.

  9. Sorry just found out that in my ABOUT...the links are only on some....not all.

  10. Go to this page
    There are no links in the body text on that page.
    If you see any links at in the body text all on that page they are coming from a browser add-on, extension or toolbar that you may have installed in your browser. Disable all browser add-ons and extensions and let us know whether or not these links disappear when you do that please.

  11. The problem it seems was BING. It had some weird links and at least one was the same as i found on my took a while to get rid of bing but I finally did and the links are not know how Bing got on my computer but glad its gone.

    Thank you for helping me.

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