How to Style Each WordPress Post Differently

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    hey guys,

    I have a hosted WordPress blog and i want to customize the look by giving every post category a different color.

    By that i mean the post-metadata background of category music lets say i want to be green and science yellow or something. At the same time i want to make links in the category section on the sidebar the same color as the post-metadata background of the same category on the content area.

    And are there more methods to apply that styling to other sections of the website? is my domain

    Is there some one that can help me ?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, is self-hosted and using a theme that we are not familiar with: Delight. For customization, I would suggest contacting the theme designer. Another suggestion is to post for assistance in the Themes and Templates forum.

    As a general rule though, you can in many modern themes, use the specific category ID body class to individually style category pages. As an example, if you visit your category page and then view the source code for that page, you will see a listing of classes in the opening body tag. In this category page, you will see listed category-50, which is the unique category ID class for that category. You can precede your CSS rules with that class to individually style that category page and do the same for your other category pages. As an example, here would be the rule to assign a color to the background of the posts area.

    .category-50 article > div {
    background: #CC0000;

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