How to switch off the never-ending page settings?

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    It started some time ago and I thought I had no choice about this. Now I noticed some people have Twenty Ten theme but they still have pages in their blogs, not the never ending roll of one page which keeps updating itself if I scroll to the bottom.
    Do you know how I can switch it off? I want pages back so that when I read a post on my blog and press a return button I don’t end up in the very beginning again.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Originally you had no choice, but then WP conceded to making the feature optional if you have footer widgets. So go to Appearance > Widgets and add an empty text widget to one of the footer areas, then go to Settings > Reading and disable the option “To infinity and beyond”.



    Oh thank you SO MUCH!

    It feels so good to have my normal pages back instead of this surrealistic never ending page.

    Thank you!



    You’re welcome!



    Hello guys,
    I did the text widget thing but all I can get now is a “Load more posts posts”, and after clicking on it, the appearing posts don’t show the sharing buttons. Is there any way I can either fix this or have my page counter back? Thank you very much!



    Hi, my blog home page, using the Woo Themes Delicious Menu theme, seems to have just started infinite scrolling yesterday!?

    I actually don’t mind it, I think it’s helpful, BUT, the posts on the suddenly new infinite home page REPEAT!? It doesn’t seem to be an infinite loop, but it does repeat many of them before it goes further down to older posts.

    Any idea what this is or how to fix it?



    You two bloggers have prmnium themes and if these instructions Disabling Infinite Scroll on your Blog do not work for you then you will need to get help in the Premium Themes Forum. Read-access to the premium themes forum is now open to all users so you can search to see if your question has been previously asked and answered there. The premium theme forums are at with separate sections for each theme. modern-news

    If you are not successful when searching there is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum for your theme under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but do note that the premium theme must be active and you must be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it and post to it.

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