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How to tag & theme

  1. Hi guys (& girls?),

    first of all hi together (just new in here) and sorry for mixing up two things but i didn't want to open two threads for this little stuff.

    1. Am i able to use tags for my posts on a weblog?

    2. I'm currently doing some design training and would love to try a theme for weblogs (exclusive). Is there any special things to watch at? any FAQ or any special person to talk to?


  2. I used a text widget to have tags running down my sidebar. Not the most convenient, but I was doing it before I saw the article on technorati tags.

  3. Don't forget that your categories are also tags that get picked both at and Technorati. :o)

  4. @cornell: i hate using categories :) I really love tags and think i'll have a look around for the technorati tags...

    i hope MU was kinda further developed during the last months? I gave it some testing about half a year ago and it was kinda strange... maybe my fault.
    I should go and get an installation of it.

    > I'm sure that DrMike and/or Podz will be along soon enough to offer
    dvice on theming for soon enough. :)

    i hope so, too :D

  5. I don't comprehend the word play here. Why play semantics? Tags, categories, and sub categories all boil down to the same difference and assigning them has the same effect visa vis creating access to your blog, regardless of the labels and the way they are displayed (ie. as a list or as a "cloud").

  6. 1) MU has come a long way in the last few months and Donncha's now working on trying to get a Release Canadate out the door. Heck, even I put a site up. You just have to ignore all the people in the forums over there whining because they can't read the install text files or do search for answers already presented.

    2) Best bet would be to talk directly to staff via an email to support at this domain. There are over 30 known WPMU installs operating though. Changes are at least one of them would be able to assist you.

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