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how to take a url link and put it into special formatting! Please help?

    "found the video above on this page. To embed it in the post all I had to do was copy and paste the URL this:"
    The original url was:

    "I just linked and then paste it into the post with special formatting, like this":


    HOW WAS THAT DONE? How do you change the normal url to that? Please help


  2. Actually I think both URLs will work.

    edit: Yes, both styles of URLs work.

    1st video - /w/ with the _d URL
    2nd video - /watch with the 2y URL
    3rd video - /w/ with the 2y URL
    4th video - /watch with the _d URL

    All that has occured is that the 'watch' is being replaced with 'w/'.

    reedit: Well, this is strange. Actually when you click on numbers 2 and 3 one, it provides a link to the Video on YouTube. The other two don't.

  3. I always took the url link that they gave. Not the url link of the page but the one they give next to the embeded code. Is this different now?


  4. No, that's fine.

  5. Hola, i think that posted videos are too big for the theme of my blog...

    How can i customize them to look smaller?
    Is there any height and width funtions that i can include to the [youtube= ] or the [googlevideo= ] codes?

    can i apply this to other embed codes from other sites -like dailymotion or metacafe-?
    i mean something like [dailymotion= ] or [metacafe= ]?

  6. I don't think you can alter the measurements of YouTube videos at all. And YouTube and Google vids (along with one other; can't remember which) are the only embeds allowed at WordPress.

  7. Grouper :)

    We tried different methods of putting and widths heights into the link a couple of months ago but the software won't take them. I know with my plugin that I use on my WPMu install, the sizes are hardcoded in there.

  8. Ok, thanks...
    Grouper is an excellent service and reduces the size, but there are no many interesting videos that i find interesting over there...

  9. /drmike looks to the left and the right.

    You can download Youtube videos here and Google allows you to download them anyway. And then upload them to Grouper. I note that you're on dialup so that might not work for you but it's still an option.

    Good luck,

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