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How to take back writings

  1. The traffic for one of my writings is not registering in my blog because i accidentally amplify it through Headliner. Can anybody help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you be more specific?

  3. When I posted my article "Eating Meat with Blood Still in it: logic of the words" i publicize it and amplify thru headliner. I noticed that the traffic for said article is not registering in my blog at I noticed also that said article is not appearing in related articles powered by zemanta. I expect it to appear because i have two similar articles entitled: "Eating Meat with Blood Still in it: Circumstances when words were spoken" and "Eating Meat with Blood Still in it: What is it?" I noticed that no traffic for said article is registering. When I checked the "terms" of headliner, the "free" advertisement is not at all free because the copyright is deemed transferred to it. With all due respect, I felt deceived. Can you help take back the article?

  4. If you wish to remove an article from your site, you may set it as Draft or delete it. and you are not responsible for controlling what appears in the Zemanta listing. What appears is associated with that company's algorithm and you may talk to them about the issue in more depth.

    I'm not sure what "headliner" is, but contact them for information directly as well.


  5. One added note. I don't know what you mean by feeling deceived. We do not offer SEO help directly in these forums as that is a complicated issue and your responsibility due to your efforts to promote your content to search engines and across social networks.

    If your post is not getting the attention you believe it deserves, there are many options available to you to promote it beyond the services here at Good luck with your endeavor.

  6. Thank you, lorelle. I am not imputing something against your system but maybe someone from your system is doing something. is attached to your system. I will explain later.

  7. By the way lorelle, why are you not showing your picture.

  8. You will have to take up your issue with Headliner. If you gave copyright to your article to another platform, then that is between you and them.

  9. is not associated with It is a pay-to-promote your posts or blog service.

    If you sign up for them, the process involves authorizing their service to use your site. You give permission to for to use your site, and it is the end of responsibility for does not support, endorse, or currently feature Widgets or direct tie-ins to, to the best of my knowledge. It is a third-party app, thus support for their services must come from them and not us.

    Please contact them for support on their issues. Thanks.

  10. May i suggest that pictures of the members in this forum be required to let us know to whom we are talking to?

  11. You may suggest it, and we will continue to ignore it. If you can't use Google to find out who Lorelle is (one of the best-known WordPress teachers on the planet) then there is no use posting wee photos.

  12. The headliner does not provide any contact information, thus, i can't contact it. I don't know headliner before but i was able to know it when i clicked your system.

  13. I'll give you further evidence and i hope you will not ignore it.

  14. It's not a issue. This is up to you to solve; you appear to have signed up for a spamming service, which has gotten your blog suspended from teh Reader and Tag pages here. You will have to disconnect from the spam service.

  15. @aaphil03

    I'm not sure what you mean?

    May i suggest that pictures of the members in this forum be required to let us know to whom we are talking to?

    Can you not see Lorelle's gravatar? Can you see Raincoaster's gravatar? Or my own?

    You can see the profile of anyone posting here by clicking on the word under their username. Most of the time, the word is "member" but I'm a volunteer moderator so the word under my name is "moderator" and if staff responds, the have "happiness engineer" or "theme wrangler" or other words, with a grey background.

    No one here is anything but transparent about who we are. You can see the posts anyone has made, once or thousands, by clicking on the descriptive word under the username.

  16. Thank you for your clues. Anyway what i am asking is help. Maybe my computer was hacked.

  17. No, your computer was not hacked. You registered for a spam service. You must contact them to have your blog removed from their service.

  18. Well if your goal is to increase readership, then this is a good link to explore (especially timethief's advice) to honestly develop your blog:

    I don't see why you think your computer was hacked?

  19. Is it possible that headliner could spam your system because before i clicked the "" free publication, i entered first in your system with password.

  20. Headliner is a spam service: that is what it does for a living. You registered for it. You will have to deal with them; this is not a issue.

  21. and i cannot contact the headliner thru the your given address

  22. anyway as i promised you i'll give you further evidence

  23. What do we want with it? It's not our problem; it is yours. You can contact Headliner at the address I gave you: it has their phone number, the physical address of their office, and an email contact form. How else do you want to get in touch with them? Ouija board?

  24. Ok, do you have here in this forum, a committee of ethics? Let's discuss this at the ethics forum, okey?

  25. There is no ethics forum at There is no ethics committee at, and if there were, they would be vehemently anti-spam.

  26. Do you mean to say that the headliner in wordpress flatform is spam?

  27. I mean to say that appears to be spam, and that has nothing to do with

  28. You try to see your flatform. If an article is published, there appears at the left side edit/post and another is publicize. When you click publicize, there would appear a wordpress flatform but actually a headliner flatform. Is that a spam?

  29. Yes. Because you signed up for Headliner.

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