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How to teach WordPress in a workshop when the blogs are shut down?

  1. I'm teaching a workshop about WordPress in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are all journalists. We are in a hotel and all using the same wi-fi, same IP address. Three of my students got blocked from after they posted a link to their newspaper websites on their new blogs.

    They are NOT out of compliance with the Terms of Service.

    I hope you can address this problem and not shut down any more blogs from my students' workshop here.

    Mindy McAdams
    macloo on

    The blog I need help with is

  2. P.S. The blog(s) we need help with is not -- the students' blogs are being automatically shut down. They are:

  3. The suspended blogs should have a contact button in the Dashboard - each of the blog owners need to contact the Terms of Service group themselves to get the blogs back active -

  4. Thanks, auxclass. The blog owners made the contact but no response yet. It's really frustrating because they were just starting to use WP for the first time.

  5. One of the first bloggers onto WordPress.COM and one of the major helpers here in the forum (over 30,000 answers I think) had her site suspended for some odd reason took a day or a bit better to get it back and it was quite frustrating and she had did nothing wrong at all - so once in a while mistakes are made - all I can say is for everyone to keep the faith

  6. That would be me. Over 60,000 answers, actually. It took about 30 hours after the full report to get it back.

    Since I also teach WP blogging, I definitely feel your pain. The problem is likely that detected several blogs on the same IP posting a link to the same page, which is classic spammer behavior. In future I think the solution would be to have them do different tasks at different times, eg one posts a video while one adds a link while one configures the widgets etc.

  7. Thanks for the tips Raincoaster - would make sense with the same or similar links from the same IP

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