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How to tell if a Pingback is spam or not?

  1. Hi there, pingbacks have always been a little confusing to me. I know that it's basically a way to post an excerpt of someone else's post and then you leave the pingback, but it's a lot harder to tell if it's spam or not since it can also be used to advertise that person's site. (By placing the link in the comments) So, until now I've never approved any pingbacks, but I know that some can be valid. As a test, I approved one in the post that I have attached in the bottom. I would just like input on whether it is spam or not so that I can know for future reference.

    As far as I can see, the site who left the link there basically takes excerpts from many different sites, which seems like it could be spam, but it's just hard to tell.

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. know that it's basically a way to post an excerpt of someone else's post and then you leave the pingback

    Not exactly. A pingback is a notification that another post linked to one of yours. An excerpt is not required.

    Whether or not it's spam is usually a judgement call. I always follow the link to the site which created the pingback. If the post that linked to mine is relevant to what I posted (for example, someone reviewed a book and linked to my review of the same book), or in some way refers or responds to my post, then I usually approve the pingback. If the link to my post is just included in a random selection of so-called "related posts" I'm unlikely to approve it as that person is merely trying to use my blog to drive traffic to his own site.

    As for the pingback on this post of yours? Personally, I'd delete it. The website that linked to your post is to promote a plugin. It's a cheap attempt to get more traffic to their page and is not going to contribute to the conversation on your page. Deleting the pingback won't remove the link to you from their website, but will prevent you sending traffic back to a page that's completely irrelevant to yours.

  3. Does this help you? Note the 13 characteristics list.

  4. @Kokkieh Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me. I agree about deleting the pingback and have just done so. Knowing the concept behind the pingback will definitely make it easier to identify whether I should approve it or not so your reply was very helpful!

    @Timethief Yes, that list was definitely good to read and I'll be sure to keep it in mind whenever I get any more pingbacks. I definitely don't want to be caught with my guard down.

  5. Glad we could help. And so the eternal battle against spam rages on ;-)

  6. @dreager1
    I'm glad you found the list to be helpful. You're welcome.

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