How to tell is my piad blog accepts java

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    How can I tell if my site will accept java html link

    I am trying to add this

    <!– start LinkyTools script –>
    <script src=”″ type=”text/javascript”></script>
    <!– end LinkyTools script –>

    to my blog while on TEXT mode

    Can’ t get it to work

    Thank you
    Cheers Joanne

    The blog I need help with is


    You can’t use Java on a .COM blog. You’ll have to upgrade and self host on .ORG if you’d like to use it.


    G’day and big thanks for your time and reply.

    My blog is now a .net and is hosted by

    Is there anything in my tools or admin that would let me know it is java supported? Thank you again! Cheers! Joanne


    And sorry the topic is supposed to read “paid” blog; will have to fire the typist again :)


    Member – is a blog hosted on WordPress.COM with domain mapping – so you can not use script on it – .com – .net – .org does not make any difference – if the blog is on WordPress.COM you can’t use script

    WordPress.ORG does not host any blogs – they are the keepers of the WordPress software


    G’day and thanks… has nothing to do with this blog and I now understand

    because my blog is hosted on WordPress.COM with domain mapping, I cannot use script on it…Thank you!

    I am learning through the people of the forums here as I go along and GREATLY appreciate everyone’s time and their replies too!

    Cheers! Joanne



    You be welcome

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