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  1. Can anybody help me get more readers? I'm writing a blog about my daily battle to break the will of my ever cheerful husband...

    It's a comedy; original and a little bit evil.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Blog 1- You want to bum Gene Simmons

  3. I can fully endorse the comic, evil, originality claims of this blog as genuine.
    Funny stuff :)

  4. Thanks for your kind comment! Worth a mention, but the post in their original format are accessible on with pictures/photos and I can be found on twitter @crapwife and facebook Daily Crapwife. Thanks again. CW xx

  5. I love the idea of the blog! I'm not married "yet" but I have done some tormenting to my boyfriend of 9 years. I like the thought of emasculating him until he asks my permission to breathe.

  6. You should give it a bash, Brew- it's well worth it! Ha ha. x

  7. You must be married to a Saint. My favorite is the Justin Bieber/Vaseline attempt. Hilarious!

  8. Props on creating a humor blog with a unique theme. It isn't enough to just be funny, you gotta be interesting too. Humor basically just makes interesting stuff more of a pleasure to read, but no one's gonna read something funny if it lacks substance.

    On that note, I'll definitely keep reading your blog.

  9. Hiya Neil- Love this comment- it's helpful and complimentary, perfect! Chuffed you like the blog... have only hit 108 views on blogger today and am getting really disheartened, I'm a pretty impatient crapwife. Enjoying writing it though! Thanks again Neil.

  10. Subscribed! I was telling my husband about your plot and he said, "Don't be surprised if she suddenly disappears and never writes again. He's gonna snap eventually." Thought I might pass that on! Lol!

  11. Painfully funny! I had stomach cramps while reading the first post XDDD

  12. love it ...great read

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