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    I had help from in setting up a new self-hosted on (shifting from Two big blips, though:

    1. still exists, has followers, and I tried to redirect to the new site, but got a message that the domain mapping already existed. If there is a way for it to remain private (for me to refer to as needed), that would be great. If not, it’s most important that I just have one site: the site —

    2. I have 107 email subscribers on lifeyum (, and although I installed the jetpack plugin, they are not transferred. I also don’t see a way to post for assistance in transferring.

    URL for (old) site:
    URL for (new) site:

    Any help or guidance would be so appreciated!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Your old site already redirects to your new self-hosted site because the domain mapping upgrade you’ve got acts as a redirect. There’s no need to get another upgrade :).

    The domain mapping upgrade is expiring soon, however, so I’d recommend you renew it if you’d like to keep redirecting to your new domain. You can do that by going to Store > My Upgrades from your site’s dashboard.

    You can set your blog to private by going to General > Reading in your dashboard and setting your Site Visibility to private. Here are more detailed instructions:

    I have moved your subscribers from your old site to your new self-hosted WordPress site, as requested :).

    Please note that this transfer does not include anyone who has followed your blog using only the Reader, it includes email subscribers only.

    When blog visitors follow a blog, they are subscribed with the Reader by default, with the option to subscribe by email if they choose. Here’s a page explaining how it works in case you’re interested in reviewing it:



    Thanks so much, wpval!

    After I posted this, I realized that I needed to make the primary blog — which fixed the redirect problem.

    And thank you for the advice on making the old blog private; that’s done now.

    For some reason, though, I was only given the option to renew the $99 Value Bundle and not the $13 domain mapping. Could you explain what I’d enter on the domain upgrade option in the store menu since I (probably mistakenly) removed the value bundle option?

    Terrific on moving over the subscribers, too. For some reason, the widget is still showing only one email subscriber — although I removed it and put it back on and you kindly moved over the 69 email followers. Any ideas on that?

    So thankful!



    You’re welcome, lifeyum :)

    When I visit your site, I can see 69 subscribers listed in the widget:

    If you still do not see the correct number, please try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies:

    You can renew the domain mapping upgrade on its own by going to Store > My Upgrades and clicking the “Renew Now” button for the domain.

    If you have any more questions, just let me know.

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