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How to transfer my wordpress domain to Godaddy

  1. I bought and hosted one of my domains Mama-Birds.Com on WordPress. To my disappointment, there is no way I could transfer individual files to it or use ftp.
    Is there any way I could transfer this blog to my GoDaddy account?
    Please help me out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have to install wordpress on the godaddy account. Where is the domain name registered?

  3. The domain was registered on
    Well, I am not interested in transferring my domain if I get my work done here. But it seems wordpress doesn't allow me as many features...My designer is yelling at me :-(

  4. We can't help you till we know what you want.

  5. The domain name can be pointed at godaddy by using the custom DNS feature here. You will have to install the wordpress.ORG software at godaddy. They offer a installation script (either fantastico or simple scripts) that installs it and all you have to do is answer a few questions.

    You then export your content from here and import it into the .ORG install at godaddy. During the import process you will be given the opportunity to have it move all your images and uploaded files over to your new installation as well.

    Any content in text widgets or image widgets will not be moved over. Neither will the theme you are using. You will have to download and install the theme you want to use.

    You can find more on setting things up on the .ORG wordpress installation here.

  6. Hi!

    Godaddy's provided code is unacceptable on WordPress. Here is what they gave me:

    Do I have any other options?

  7. Many domain names here are pointed at godaddy. You enter them into the custom DNS as explained in the link I provided.

  8. But the problem is Custom DNS accepts A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records only :-(

  9. The error message reads, "This does not match any of the DNS record formats,"

  10. I'm sorry, I got mixed up on my support documents. See this document for changing the DNS records to point it at godaddy.

  11. Thank you so very much!
    It worked this time :-)

  12. You are welcome and sorry that I got my links confused or we would have had you going sooner.

  13. @marbran2 Can you share what your CNAME format is? I'm not sure what mine should be and it seems you've solved the puzzle! Mine are accepted (ie, in the right format) but I'm not sure what addresses should be in there to point away from WP.

    Thanks so much!

  14. @hevenyoga, you change your DNS records in your domain management panel here to point at the new web host as explained here: .

  15. I know. I'm looking for an exact sample of a CNAME.

  16. Why do you need a cname? where are you trying to point your domain name?

  17. to

  18. just need an exact example of how this is to read - beyond the format listed in the how-to (CNAME <subdomain><host>) --not sure what goes where.

  19. @havenyoga: Already asked and answered here (in progress)

  20. I just need to see an example of a functioning cname. Anyone? please?

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